Review Review is one of the top text to speech software’s that has almost twenty five years of experience. They invent text to speech solutions to give your content a voice in up to thirty different languages. Their speech solutions allow you to turn any written text into natural speech files, using any of their 100 natural voices or even your own synthesized voice talent. can answer all of your text to speech needs and provide perfect vocalization whether for voice integration and development, online and on demand use, audio files production, or ready to speak products for personal accessibility use. helps you build your voice strategy to enhance the promotion of your business to customers through the spoken word, and add audible value to your services and applications for improved market recognition and audio-brand visibility. Their team of international experts is fully dedicated to developing the best voice solutions, adapted to your particular project and market specificities. Over 100 countries worldwide have already started using to voice empower their products and services, in very different markets.

Acapela Top Features

Acapela has a variety of features that comes along with their text to speech service. However, you can find the top features listed below:

  • Easy Integration: Simple API
  • Common API
  • Multilingual: 30 languages already available
  • Choice Of Voices: Up to 68 HQ and HQ LF voices
  • Voices Available In Several Sampling Frequencies: 8k, 11k, 16k, 22k
  • Different Voice Qualities Available
  • Different Audio Encoding Compression and Synthesis Technologies Available. Customers customers are worldwide and they come from different backgrounds. Anyone who needs a high quality text to speech software should consider according to reviews on text to speech software reviews websites. None of their current or prior customers feel as though any scam or fraud is taken place within this text to speech company.

Acapela Reviews Found Online

Acapela reviews that can be found around the web state that Acapela is 100% legit and they are even ranked among the best text to speech software companies in text to speech software reviews.