Review Review is one of the text to speech software’s that has the ability to read text in any application. Not to mention the fact that this text to speech software also has the ability to convert text to MP3, WAV, OGG, and even VOX files. also enables you to listen to documents, emails, new articles, and web pages without having to go through the conversion process. even supports schedule converting. This text to speech software allows advanced users to finish the conversion of text to MP3 with Command lines. You can even change to different voices and the readout speed for conversion or listening, and download additional voices from the internet. So, as you can probably already guess, is considered to be one of the top text to speech software’s available in the industry.

Alive Media dot net Top Features

Alive Media dot net has more than a few features like many of the other text to speech software’s. However, you can find the top features that they have to offer their text to speech customers below:

  • Read text in all applications (i.e. emails, web pages, news articles, PDF, word and excel documents)
  • Convert text to various files (i.e. MP3, WAV, OGG, VOX)
  • Toolbar available for installation in internet explorer browser
  • Easy to use
  • Command line supported
  • Converting text to mp3 in batches
  • Scheduling converting support
  • High converting speed
  • Windows Vista compatible.

Alive Media Customers

Alive Media customers range from individuals to even business according to the Alive Media reviews that have been left by customers on various text to speech reviews sites. None of the customers have had any problems with Alive Media’s text to speech software and none of them feel as though there is any Alive Media scam or Alive Media fraud taking place within this text to speech company. Furthermore, users of this software are pleased that they have other useful services available on their website as well.

Alive Reviews Found Online

Alive reviews that can be found online also speak very highly of this text to speech software. It is amazing that no one has even complained about the price that Alive charges for their text to speech software.