Review Review is one of the top/best text to speech software’s that is available on the web. This company has been around for quite a few years and they have never been labeled as being an scam or an fraud. The products that they offer their customers are said to be of the highest quality and all of their customers appear to be extremely satisfied with the results that they receive using this text to speech software.

Audio Book Maker dot com Top Features

Audio Book Maker dot com has a ton of features/benefits that comes along with their text to speech software. You can find some of their top features listed below:

  • Reading of text in various voices and languages
  • The ability to convert text to audio files quickly
  • Adjustable speech parameters (i.e. speed, pitch, and volume)
  • Automatic text scrolling to make text in current reading position visible
  • While reading you also have the ability to highlight the text in various colors
  • Easy to add pluggable pronunciation dictionaries, which helps to customize pronunciation of single words, abbreviations and word combinations and to make words substitutions
  • Large files can be opened with ease
  • Opens various files such as MS Word and HTML files
  • Speakable text size and almost unlimited
  • Remembers opened documents settings
  • Built in scheduler allow program to automatic exit or computer shutdown after all speaking texts/recording files will be finished
  • Optional windows context menu integration
  • Monotone speech reduction
  • Multilingual interface (comes included with English, Russian, and Chinese)
  • Minimizing to tray, global hotkeys and other useful features.

Audio Book Maker Customers

Audio Book Maker customers have left some wonderful reviews of Audio Book Maker. They all seem pleased with the services that they are able to provide them with. Customers range from individuals to businesses when it comes to those that use Audio Book Maker. None of the customers, however, have labeled them as being an Audio Book Maker scam or Audio Book Maker fraud. In fact, many of the customers believe that they are 100% legit. Reviews Found Online reviews that can be found throughout the web also speak very highly about Text to speech reviews can be found on numerous sites about and not one of the text to speech software reviews written about state anything negative at all about the text to speech software.