Review Review is one of the text to speech software companies that originated in February 2001. They have the main focus on developing, marketing and supporting reliable software solutions on Windows platforms. The first text to speech software that they created is known by the name “CoolSpeech” and many reviews think that it is one of the best text to speech applications that are in the text to speech industry to date.

Byte Cool dot com Top Features

Byte Cool dot com has a lot of features that comes along with their text to speech software. Some of their top features can be found below:

  • The ability to listen to online news
  • Have all of your text files and HTML files read aloud to you
  • Easily convert your text into WAV files
  • Listen to your email messages
  • Listen to work that you have types
  • Listed to text in Clipboard
  • Schedule files, URLs, and emails to be read out loud
  • Have the time and date read to you
  • Supports most computers.

Byte Cool Customers

Byte Cool customers range from individuals to businesses. However, all Byte Cool reviews have been positive so there is no need to worry about this text to speech company being a scam or a fraud. Many customers have revealed to best text to speech software reviews that they love how Byte Cool has the free trial download available. Others are simply happy with the fact that this text to speech software is very affordable according to the Byte Cool reviews that they have written. Overall, this is one of the most fun and useful text to speech software’s that have been around in a while. Reviews Found Online reviews that can be found online all state how good this program is and it appears to be very popular. It is affordable yet provides the same quality – if not better – of that which is provided by sites that charge even more for their text to speech software’s. Basically, this text to speech software can be trusted and if you want a high quality text to speech software is the one that you are going to want to have at the very top of your list.