Review Review is one of the top text to speech software services that have been available on the web since 1995 when they introduced their first text to speech software version by the name of Speak Easy. is a personal computer augmentative communication aid software formally known as Speak Easy which was created as a family project. The dad had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and lost his ability to talk. The son is particularly versatile in personal computers. To date they are on Version 6.3 with even more new features that resulted because of the feedback of their customers. Overall, they are a great text to speech software and no one has even called them an scam or fraud.

E-Triloquist Top Features

E-Triloquist has facilities for adding, deleting, and renaming categories and phrases. Furthermore, they allow their text phrases to be changed and new audio phrases can be added. Their text to speech system is very easy to use. So, it is no surprise that some E-Triloquist reviews have stated that they are one of the best text to speech software’s available right now. A text containing many sentences can easily be spoken one sentence at a time if desired and you even have the option to stop at each sentence and wait for a response. Not to mention the fact that E-Triloquist can even skip sentences and speak them in any order that you desire.

Hot keys are automatically set as the keyboards function keys for easy remembrance. Also, if you have a speakerphone and a patient listener you can even use the program with telephones as well. So, as you can see the features of E-Triloquist are really amazing!

eTriloquist dot com Customers

eTriloquist dot com customers vary. This text to speech software is used by both individuals as well as businesses. This is the perfect text to speech software for anyone basically and the text to speech reviews that can be found on the web about eTriloquist dot com back this up as well. Reviews Found Online

All other reviews that can be found throughout the web speak very highly of the text to speech software that is provided by