Review Review is one of the best text to speech software’s that is known for their high quality text to speech recognition provider and they are also the maker of the popular mobile apps, iSpeech Translator, iSpeech Obama, and Caller ID Reader. They have more than thirty million downloads of iSpeech apps and billions of conversions provided to developers and businesses to date, iSpeech missions remains to speech enable the web and the world. iSpeech is a privately held company with its headquarters in Newark, NJ, and an office in San Francisco, CA.

iSpeech Top Features

iSpeech has a ton of features that comes along with their text to speech software. You can find the top features of iSpeech listed below:

  • The first Text-to-Speech software as a service cloud
  • Patent pending Text-to Speech
  • Fastest, highest quality and most powerful text-to-speech anywhere
  • Most natural sounding text-to-speech audio on the market
  • No hardware of software installations required for text-to-speech servers
  • Text-to-speech optimized MP3 output
  • Zero configuration – Zero foot print text to speech automatically updated
  • Complete 24.7 support team
  • Web service automated text to speech conversion
  • Free API access for testing
  • Mobile text to speech, text to speech API compatible with blackberry
  • Apple, Microsoft and more!

iSpeech dot org Customers

iSpeech dot org reviews that have been left by customers rave about this text to speech software. All customers appear to think that this text to speech software is 100% legit and no one has written any text to speech software reviews that indicate that iSpeech dot org is a iSpeech dot org scam or iSpeech dot org fraud. Customers speech to text reviews for iSpeech dot org basically make it sound as though it would be unwise to consider doing business with any other speech to text software company. Reviews Found Online

Other reviews that can be found on text to speech reviews websites also have nothing but great things to say about this text to speech software. They recommend trying them out as soon as possible so you can have your speech to text expectations exceeded.