TextSpeechPro.com Review

TextSpeechPro.com Review

TextSpeechPro.com is one of the top text to speech software’s that is a high level voice management software that was developed by Digital Future. TextSpeechPro.com is something that was first started in 1999 and they have progressed so far to this date. The team of TextSpeechPro.com is mainly technology professors and reputed business people. In addition to TextSpeechPro.com they also operate other sites that provide technical consulting and research & development. TextSpeechPro.com is 100% guaranteed and technical support is usually available close to twenty four hours a day. Lastly, even though this text to speech software is of the highest quality they are still able to offer TextSpeechPro.com at a very reasonable and fair price.

Text Speech Pro dot com Top Features

Text Speech Pro dot com customers have left some amazing Text Speech Pro dot com reviews about their text to speech software. However, you will not find this to be odd at all once you see this list of top features that they have to offer their text to speech software customers:

  • The ability to read any document out loud (i.e. PDF, MS Word).
  • Equipped with AT &T’s Natural Voices which is said to be the best text to speech technology in the world. Not to mention that for a limited time they are including this for free.
  • Equipped with Microsoft Outlook integration which allows it to read emails out loud as well.
  • Equipped with an integrated internet browser that allows the software to read web pages straight from the interface.
  • Supports speech breaks allowing users to resume reading where they left off.
  • Easily converts documents to speech audio files.
  • The ability to be able to set different voices, voice speed, and volume.
  • Has the ability to convert copied text to speech.
  • The ability to tune voices and computer pronunciation with the advanced XML support.
  • The ability to save spoken documents to a custom document with all of your voice settings saved.

Text Speech Pro Customers

Text Speech Pro customers have left numerous Text Speech Pro reviews on their website and their customers are all over the world. No one has said to be unsatisfied with their products and all of them have reported having no issues with this text to speech software.

TextSpeechPro.com Reviews Found Online

TextSpeechPro.com reviews found online indicate that there is no TextSpeechPro.com scam or TextSpeechPro.com fraud taking place within this text to speech software company. They express feelings of TextSpeechPro.com being 100% legit and trustworthy in numerous text to speech software reviews across the web.